When should you hire a website designer or digital marketing expert?

A common question that runs is should I work with a web developer when there are free tools like Wix, Shopify, bigcommerce, GoDaddy website tonight are there. These free websites are great if you don’t want to have customized designs, tools, security and so much more. For example, you cannot create a customized design. These free websites come with an inbuilt template and a lot of limitations.  If you are selling online and want your product to display, show the description with a customized layout, or want to add a print functionality, or a brochure then you can’t do all this.

Another example is if you are selling a fashion apparel and want your Instagram followers to post their picture on your product page then that is not possible. In short these free websites do not have the scalability or flexibility that a customized website can offer. Above all, the expertise that you get from a professional web developer is unmeasurable. They already are aware of what works and does not work for your industry. The professional web developers have an in-depth understanding of the security patches and how to stop hackers from spamming your site or getting access to sensitive information like personal data.


If you are selling more than 100 products a month then it is time to start looking into a web developer. A customized website can be worth investing in that will not only increase sales, provide a better user experience but also automate your sales process. Once your new website is ready, it is time to look into digital marketing. A simple formula is every $500.00 that you spend, you should get sales of $5000.00. This covers your ROI. If you are spending hundreds of dollars on marketing and your sales is not even half the amount then stop wasting your dollars.

Enough for this time, see you all in the next blog. Don’t forget to #Icontrolmywebsite.