Top 4 Marketing Trends that are Defining Digital Marketing Agencies

A bit of gloss should be implemented on 2018’s marketing strategies, as marketing trends have shifted quite a bit. There isn’t much to repair, but to improve. There’s a demand for high quality participation and experiences, which should be able to deliver on global and local scales. These experiences should involve the latest technologies and information to be able to present true personalization.

In 2017 digital marketers took record on an array of problems that were damaging the industry. Many decided to address the dreary digital landscapes. It appears as there’s a clean up on it’s  way and not taking the next step in delivering more memorable and engaging experiences can be detrimental to your business and/or website.

It is time to move forward and begin applying and implementing new, marketing trends that users will respond to in this day in age. There’s been a shift and although, many marketing strategies are the same – they need to be revamped.

Below you will find marketing trends, which are now defining digital marketing agencies. Apply these marketing trends to your marketing strategies and come on top in 2018!

Transparency Opens a Wider Audience to You and Your Website:

Being able to identify the gaps in transparency is a necessary step for the implementation of the latest marketing trends, which will allow more transparency. The VP of Spotify – Brian Benedik said on an email to Marketing Dive: “It’s imperative that marketers, agencies, publishers and platforms collaborate to make this happen and rebuild trust.”

There’s a demand for more transparency farther beyond B2B, which will affect consumers this year. It doesn’t matter if certain benchmarks are met on the way to accomplishing digital conversions. This marketing trend will surprise all digital marketers.

When marketers expect more transparency – consumers will want the same and they will expect for brands to disclose more information about their products and services. Consumers will want to know what products come from truly and what they stand for.

The current social and political climate has sprung up this change. For this reason, it is of utter importance for marketers to implement new marketing trends, which are transparent and clear.

Quality Content is Vital:

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When it comes to content, marketing digital agencies need to change their perspectives, as content is more important than ever before. However, you need to be able to create a connection with consumers. You will also, have to deliver solutions that will redefine what effective content should look like.

For instance, such things as marketing in house to be able to merge them into a brand is just one way in which digital marketers will begin to put preeminence on high quality content, as shortcut marketing strategies will continue to decline.


Blockchain Technologies and Expectations:

Influential Digital marketing trends 2018marketing is another marketing trend, which benefits from blockchain technology. Digital marketers want to blockchain as a “catch all” remedy, which will help wipe out a lot of the fogginess in digital media. A recent 451 Research survey demonstrated how 20 percent of businesses are utilizing blockchain technologies in an evaluation or discovery phases.

Digital Marketers Thinking Locally & Globally:

Lastly, digital marketers and all in the industry need to prepare their businesses and websites for a globalized world. It is highly possible that the EU’s (GDPR) General Protection Data Regulation to catch the industry unaware when it folds out in May. In an email to Marketing Dive – Forrestor stated: “marketers have largely underestimated the of meeting with GDPR compliance and are scrambling to prepare now.”

The sound of this is bad, to say the least… Besides having to meet the expected amount of regulatory complications, now global brands will most likely have to work quickly to meet the demands and needs of customers locally. This also, means that global brands will have to take into account the unique regional factors of all customers and/or audience.

It will be revolutionary, as so many are not expecting this or even prepared for such… However, it is best to start preparing right away. Although, this is not a marketing trend, per se, it will most likely be implemented and demanded, so again – it is best to be prepared!

As you can see, some of the latest marketing trends aren’t too different from before, but they have shifted and digital marketers and agencies should start implementing these marketing trends to ensure a prosperous business and/or website.

An evolution of sorts will be required to achieve the implementation of some of these marketing trends. Furthermore, marketing and digital agencies must become more aware of the specifics regarding local attitudes, business mottos and expectations.

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