The Importance of Choosing the Right Payment Gateway for eCommerce Websites

Even if your eCommerce shop looks amazing and the functionality of your eCommerce website is perfect – reaching success on your online/internet operation mainly depends on how your products are being sold to your customers. For starters, to sell products on an eCommerce website, you will need to gain your customers and visitors trust. Payment gateways for eCommerce websites is a powerful tool, which will help to reassure your visitors that your online shop is about dependability.   

Payment Options for eCommerceEssentially, website payment gateways is an eCommerce service, which allows merchants to take credit card payments, as well, as other configurations of online transactions that are secured on your eCommerce website. Keep in mind, that if payment options on your website are not set up correctly – it can affect orders placed by customers in a negative way. You can experience a drop in sales due to unhappy customers.

Using the right payment gateways for eCommerce can be essential in ensuring the long-term success of your online store.


Not all eCommerce gateways function in the same way. For this reason, it is of utter importance that you choose the right payment gateway for eCommerce websites. When figuring out which eCommerce gateways to utilize you should consider some of these factors:


  • Research the transaction fees associated with third party payment gateways. Be sure that payments fall within your online business budget.


  • Research whether specific website payment application relates to (PCI DSS). Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI has set guidelines for payment processing online to maintain online security.


  • Keep an eye out for website payment application that comes with multi-currency support. This is especially true if you want to expand your online business globally.


  • To find out which products you are able to sell, it is important that you read carefully through the terms and conditions of different payment gateways for eCommerce. Some eCommerce gateways only allow for businesses to sell physical products and not digital ones.


  • Make sure your payment gateway for eCommerce accepts PayPal, credit cards, and debit card payments.


  • Be certain that third-party payment gateways do not require for users to have to fill out unnecessary fields.

To help you in the process of choosing the right payment gateway for eCommerce, we have compiled a list of the best eCommerce gateways that you can choose from.



lt was launched in 1999. Today, PayPal is one of the most used third party payment gateways, which accepts debit card, credit card and bill me later payments. Although, business owners/online businesses must pay a small fee of 34 percent when PayPal is used for payment processing. Even so, you’ll only be charged after you make a sale. An estimated amount of 341,497 websites utilize PayPal as a payment gateway. Most eCommerce platforms come with an inbuilt PayPal integration.


Authorize.Net was founded in 1996. Since 1996 – Authorize.Net has come a long way, as it is now best known as one of the most used website payment gateways. Over 400,000 merchants worldwide utilize this eCommerce gateway, which takes online payments via electronic checks and credit cards alike. To use Authorize.Net you will need to pay $29 monthly for gateway fees and $49 to set up. Authorize.Net is great to use for Magento eCommerce online shops, woo commerce, Shopify and for other shopping carts. 



Without a doubt, Stripe is a great way for processing payments. Stripe processes payments directly onto your website without the complications of other more intricate, third party payment gateways. Best of all, when you utilize Stripe you can be sure that interactions are secure and will keep your customer’s information safe. Lastly, Stripe has top-notch analytics and reporting.


Amazon Pay

Utilizing Amazon Pay will help your online business and shop to build and 

preserve loyal customers.Amazon Pay – payment gateway for eCommerce will allow you to develop customer relationships. Moreover, with Amazon Pay you will have more control on customer shopping experiences. Amazon Pay will fit into your check out experience and will allow customers to utilize a familiar login to identify themselves and be able to conduct secure transactions on your website.


Apple Pay


Apple Pay website payment gateways offer a secure and simple way to make purchases using iOS Apps, watchOS Apps and other websites on Safari. Furthermore, non-profit organizations can accept donations via Apple Pay within their websites and apps. Users utilizing Touch ID, Face ID or by clicking their Apple Watch can also, securely make payments and contact information while checking out. Many love Apple Pay – website payment gateway, because of the increase in conversion rates.  





Braintree – payment gateway for eCommerce is a high-end payment gateway and/or platform, which makes it simple to accept payments on websites and apps. Braintree replaces traditional payment gateways and merchant accounts from an array of providers. Braintree takes single touch payments, SDK payments and also, accepts foreign currency. Magento 2 shopping cart works well with Braintree.


As you may well know, there are many other third-party payment gateways available, but we feel that the ones mentioned above are the very best. Naturally, research different payment gateways to make the best decision when choosing a payment gateway for eCommerce websites and the likes.


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