The Great Advantages of Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

If you’re currently only utilizing Twitter’s – social media platform to promote your business’s content – then you’re definitely missing out on some really great advantages with Twitter’s new Advanced Search.

Using Twitter to promote your content is perfectly acceptable. However, there are advantages that you can reap from when you utilize Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Each day there are over 500 million Tweets sent out. Talk about a saturation of information on a vast variety of subjects and/or industries! Thankfully, Twitter makes it very simple to maneuver all this information and find the things that are of importance and relevance to you with Twitter’s search engine.

Listed Below You’ll Find Some of the Many Great Advantages of Using Twitter’s Advanced Search:


Want to Know What People Are Saying About You or Your Business?

Many of the people, who use Twitter will not take the time to keep track on your Twitter handle/feed when people Tweet about your business. This is even more so if people are Tweeting complaints about your business, products and/or services.

If you want to know what people on Twitter are saying about you or your business – it is recommended that you search for your business name and any Tweets that contain your company’s name will appear on your search stream. This will allow you to remain in the loop and also, to stay current with discussions about your business. It will give you many opportunities to impress your followers and customers and to address any issues a customer may have experienced with your company. Engagement is ALL!


Develop a Community and Touch Base With Them.

For example, if you live in New York and you want to know what’s going on in your community you should use a hashtag – such as: #NewYorkNewYork. This is a great way to stay current with everything that may be going on.


Furthermore, for different companies and businesses, that follow particular discussions  – this is an ideal way to stay in touch with everything that’s happening in your area.

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Attempt looking for a term or a hashtag that’s relevant to your local community. When you find a hashtag that’s trending – make sure to save it. If you decide not to save it, be sure to use it when you Tweet, so that your chances of engagement with your local community with Twitter users is higher.


Get Inspired By Content.

It’s no secret that coming up with engaging content on a regular basis is quite difficult. In fact, small businesses, that struggle with content often are not as successful as other businesses with great content.


With that said, that is why it is of utter importance that you keep an eye out for new sources, which can inspire content.

Twitter’s Advanced Search offers its users a simple way to look for content that is relevant to your industry and/or business. Look for the content leaders in your industry! You can easily do this by choosing a subject matter or a hashtag to follow. Then you’ll have in your news feed a stream of inspirational and relevant ideas.


Keep Up With Hot Topics!

Chances are that a lot of the work you’re involved in is on a local scale. However, there’s always different topics, which are outside of your community that you should most definitely keep up with…


For instance, there may be a new federal and/or state policy change, which can cause a direct impact to individuals in your business industry. Perhaps, there are new trends in your industry that you need to stay on top of. Twitter’s Advanced Search offers you the capability to stay in the loop easily.


When you save searches that are related to a certain topic that concerns you or that you may be interested in – you’ll have immediate access to up to date Tweets and conversations that are currently taking place.


Become More Aware and Smarter!

It doesn’t matter what industry of work you are in – it is very important that you continuously search for new opportunities so that you can grow and be able to make well-informed changes and improvements. Become more aware and be smart about your Social Media Marketing strategies!


Remember, any topics on your business to do lists, can be easily searched for on Twitter. Twitter will allow you to become visible on an array of invaluable sources, which will improve your end results.


Start thinking of Twitter, as well as other Social Media platforms as sources where you can search for valuable information. This will help your business to be successful during social media marketing campaigns.


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