The Future of Image & Voice Search




In recent months Search has taken the limelight when advertisers and digital marketers have discussions ver since Asos, Pinterest and Google have publicized their move away from the traditional way of conducting searches to better focus on Image and Voice search.


This stride back from (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and utilizing keywords and keyword phrases has brought to surface many questions in regards to the use of data, machine learning and the ethicality of paid search.


During The Drum’s Search Breakfast, the head of paid media at JellyfishDaniel Wilkinson expressed his concern for digital marketers and brands who might be disregarding and/or overlooking the importance of Image Search.


Per Daniel Wilkinson from Jellyfish – he feels that especially for “fashions brands, image search is a great new way of providing an enhanced customer experience.”


As you may have guessed, he brought up Asos’s current image search update, which permits for users to take an item from a store they like and search for similar products on


Image Search


Certainly, there’s a lot of excitement revolving around Search advancements. The head of EMEA, Microsoft AdvertisingThom Arkestal said: “Image search will be one the searches of the future.” He also said: “If you look at where the industry is heading in digital advertising in general, search is becoming core to almost everything.”


However, even though image search is more than likely to become essential to brands and for digital marketers it is also, possible that the future will be all about machine learning and automation.


Machine Learning and AI are about voice and image search… These new technologies and new features are going to become vital to search, as these new functionalities allow a lot more consumer engagement, which is in great demand.


In response to the outpour in customer data – digital marketers and different brands just the same are now able to utilize Machine Learning and AI to search for their customers needs and also, promote satisfying results in search when utilizing new insights.


Although, Google utilizes Machine Learning and user’s data technologies and capabilities to often promote ads – their search results are mainly organic.


Voice Search


When it comes to Voice Search – there’s the issue that not too many people really want to hear an entire list of results, which will end in just one response spoken back… This issue will most likely bring focus to the integrity of a digital assistants search results if they were to promote paid search.


The fact of the matter is that organic search results have components that are entirely natural and based on trust. If too much advertising is replaced by voice search it could corrupt trust values, which have already been established.


Just some months ago, Amazon dabbled with Paid Voice Search – however, nothing has come out of this trial as of yet… It is assumed that many digital companies are collaborating to figure out the issue with paid voice search. It is speculated that the primary issue is that the future of digital marketers is having trust from consumers.


If there isn’t any trust – people are not going to use these new technologies and companies, such as Amazon will not be able to monetize off them.


In addition, Amazon is working with Alexa to re engage customers and a repeat purchase prospective. They’re still in the process of it all, but this collaboration is based on gaining loyalty from customers and it’s a world away from current search possibilities and new discoveries.


In a nutshell, although voice and image search hold a place in the future of search, it doesn’t mean that these new ways are going to do away with traditional ways of search. Voice and Image search may be really cool and efficient for some things but not for others.


Keep in mind, at the end of the day, consumers are looking for trustworthy brands and technologies and they will not dive into a new functionality until it is proven to be trustworthy.


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