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We establish and polish brand messaging and tell your story is a non-profit organization supporting education for underprivileged children globally. We communicated a clear message on the home page to show the mission and drive actions from donation to volunteering.

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Non-Profit Website Design Best Practice

We understand that non-profit’s have to wear many hats and non-profit organization’s have very less time to engage, grow, and recruit new ideas and talents.

Your story matters – It is crucial to communicate your non-profits mission throughout the site. We work with your non-profit to understand and tell your story in a cohesive and collective manner to build awareness.

Our goal is to drive actions from volunteering to donations and make it easy for the non-techy to browse the website. Non-profit website design should be equipped with great content, updated information, simple navigation, and easy to use forms to succeed online.

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The online industry is constantly changing. It is impossible to keep up with the latest trends. An agency can help you with what will work best for your business. Instead of trying yourself, work with an experienced team that has the expertise.

Every project is unique. It can take 4 weeks to 12 weeks to build a custom-made site depending on the business requirement.

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We will start with discovery and research. The more information you can provide on what you want, the better we can guide you with the trends, and the do’s and don’ts.