Magneto Login As A Customer Extension

As a store Admin who keeps customers interests at bay, there are times you’ll have to rectify certain error in customer Account. These errors can be quickly resolved if you had access to the account of customer facing the issue.

For sure, the only way to have a full access to their account is to have access to the user’s login details, but demanding for them sounds so unprofessional.

Alternatively, you can change their password from the Admin panel. But doing this can be a pain in the neck as they’ll have to reset their password and set a new one. It is important to continually keep your clients happy and save them from the stress.

Then We Discovered A Quick Fix.

Login as Customer Magento extension allows the admin to quickly access the customer’s account using a dedicated button in the admin panel, all in just a click. And of course, it doesn’t tamper with the user’s password.

Discover the problems that hinder a successful conversion and resolve whatever is stopping customers from sticking with your store.

The login as customer extensions provides the ultimate permission to view Magento store from the customer’s angle. In addition to that, Admin can smartly upgrade their support efforts by reaching the selected account without requesting for a credential.

Improve User Experience With Login As Customer Service

The login as customer extension allows the admin of a store to smartly execute three essential actions:

  • Login as any of your customer with just one click
  • Share the login as customer functionality among sub-admin users
  • Keep an eye on actions of admin users when they visit customer’s account.




Login as any of your customer

With login as a customer, the admin can easily view customers account and see through their issues. There are two simple rules to follow when using login as a customer:

  • Look for the targeted customer and login from the back end
  • Click on the “login as customer” button to enter the account.

Support multiple stores

Additionally, the functionality supports the installation of multi store Magento.  This is a really good feature or Admin.

Keep an eye on all admin users actions

The login as customer Magento extension keeps an eye on all actions of the admin users connected with the module’s capabilities. Each and every login attempt is saved and accessible in details through the special grid.

Manually and Automatically cleans the grid

The information stored in the log can be manually or automatically removed. Also, Admin can go to the extension settings and modify the time period in order to delete old login attempts and clear off the log. Also, he can restrict a particular (or multiple) admin users from removing records from the log.


Permissions Or Denial Of Admin Users To Login

The main store admin has the right to either grant or denies access to the login as customer functionality for certain group of admin. Furthermore, admin can provide or forbid login attempts to a particular staff.


There are free and paid login as customer extensions available from the following links.