Discover how you can visualize your business data using powerful, intuitive report builder tools available through Magento
  • Identify your most profitable products

  • Find out who your most frequent customers are

  • Get analytics on your daily and weekly sales

Our web development process is simple

  • 1

    Provide your business requirements content, and images

  • 2

    Our Magento certified developers will plan and execute the development

  • 3

    Deliver completed and validated magento solutions in your time frame

Equip your Magento store with a powerful sales analytics & reporting tool

  • Track and analyze your sales by product, categories, customers, and much more

  • Print, download, view list of customers by city, state, country, and by product sales

  • Create custom reports based on your business needs

  • Select module from multiple reporting and analytics plugin to suit your needs

  • Add analytics to your dashboard and select different views

  • Share reports with your colleagues or add permissions to view certain reports to a department

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