Key Information That You Need to Know About Invalid Clicks on Google AdWords’ Campaigns

Even though Google’s AdWords click fraud monitoring systems have become much more sophisticated, so much that invalid and/or illegal clicks within paid searches hardly ever appear in your data. However, with that said – it is still recommended that you have basic knowledge and understanding of what these illegal clicks are and how you should handle them.

Invalid clicks as referred to by Google are clicks that are unintentional, illegitimate or they can be the result from malicious software.

Invalid clicks can be extremely damaging to any digital marketing professional in regards to loss of opportunities and loss of money. If you’re running and/or thinking about running a campaign with Google AdWords – there are some things that you simply must know, so that you are able to stop this illegal and dishonest online practice.

AdWords is the primary and gold standard when it comes to PPC Advertising on the web. Although they are most definitely on top of their game, you still need to pay close attention when it comes to developing an AdWords campaign.

What is an Invalid Click Comprised of?

    • Fraudulent clicks take on a variety of forms. Some, which Google recognize as invalid clicks include:
      • Clicks by automated tools or bots.
      • Clicks that are manual but with the intention to increase your costs and/or the profits of sites hosting ads
      • Clicks with no value, which refers to accidental double clicks.
      • Impressions utilized to artificially lower your CTR.
  • How You Can Monitor Invalid Clicks on Your Own:

If you’re not paying close attention to possible invalid and/or illegal clicks – you might find your metrics impaled in a fashion that will leave you wondering what, how and where you should pick to advertise. However, there are simple solutions to this issue…
Have you developed a strategy to set into place to know where your ads appear and also, planned a budget for keyword bidding and daily clicks? If you don’t have such strategies in place then it’s time that you set all these things in order.

Monitoring your website traffic utilizing Google Analytics will help you recognize and understand where all your clicks are coming from. It will also, help you to identify and detect any unusual activity that you should be aware of…

Allow for common sense to take over from time to time – if you notice that a website appears low in quality or deceptive in any other way – you may want to reconsider advertising on such a website. Moreover, it is recommended that you do not click on your own ads. This can result in raising a red flag to Google, which will lead to questionable activity from your end and Google can even suspend your Google AdWords campaign altogether.

It is of utter importance, that you keep in mind that if you find your budget a bit tight that it might not be from illegal clicks. Have you set your budget high enough to pander to the amount of traffic that you typically get? Moreover, trending news and the time of day can also, affect the clicks your ads get as well.

Get Help From Google!

If you suspect that there’s any type of click fraud and you don’t feel comfortable with your handle on it – Google has and utilizes a real-time detection system and filter, which is placed to monitor questionable and/or suspicious activity on your ads. It has the capability to identify any clicks that it deems frauduish or invalid before they actually reach you and affect your bottom line in a negative fashion.

The Google AdWords team of professionals look at click patterns, which include duplicates. They also, look at the time that the clicks were made. This is all inclusive in the Google’s AdWords fraud investigation reports.

Furthermore, utilizing automatic algorithms can also filter out clicks and prevent you from being charged for illegal clicks. These can be viewed on your Google Analytics account. Google conducts in-depth click fraud investigations between physical and algorithm filters.

If indeed there’s any AdWords Click Fraud – Google will do the very best to find a solution to any issues you may be experiencing in a timely fashion.

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