Is Magento The Best Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart?

Magento Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart became available to eCommerce websites, which is one of the best open source programs for eCommerce shopping carts. Furthermore, Magento also offers an incredible head start for developers and/or merchants, who are seeking to develop a quality eCommerce store/website with the latest bells and whistles.

Magento for ecommerce shopping cartsMagento is written in PHP and is an open source e-commerce platform as a service. It is available in community version, and recently Magento released Magento 2.0 version on April 11th, 2016. M2 is launched with much more improved features compared to M1 and is its architecture is extremely user-friendly. Magento community version is free whereas Magento 2 enterprise edition licences ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 per year based on annual gross sales revenue.

Magento 2 also offers a cloud hosting option known as  Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE) which bundles together licensing and AWS-based managed hosting. The ECE ranges from $35,000.00 – $180,000.00 per year (pre-discount) based on expected annual gross sales revenue.

Magento is very competitive in omnichannel approach. If you are selling on different marketplaces, Magento can serve as a hub to manage inventory, orders and customers from one centralized location and distribute information to relevant marketplaces. With Magento’s robust approach, integrating ERP, inventory management system or any 3rd party system integration is much simpler compared to other shopping carts available.

Magento Open Source eCommerce is one the best shopping carts for ecommerce recommended for small to mid-size businesses. In addition, Magento also, offers thousands of modules options for eCommerce businesses that can customize your Magento shopping cart. Magento, no doubt is highly scalable and robust system even at its most basic. Magento does not have any limit to the product skus and you can customize each product further depending on your business requirement. Magento provides the perfect blend for a B2B & B2C business.   

Magento 2 dashboard













Magento Marketing Tools Include:


  • Newsletters.
  • Discount Codes.
  • Upselling of Products During Checkout.
  • Email Wish Lists for Friends and/or Family.
  • Cross Selling in Product Pages.


Magento Open Source (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Features Include:


  • Meta Info on Categories & Products.
  • Auto Generated Sitemaps for Different Search Engines.
  • URL Rewrites.


Magento Open Source Reporting and Analytics Include:


  • Sales & Refund Reports.
  • Abandoned Cart Reports.
  • Tax Reports.
  • Sales Reports.
  • Top Viewed Product Reports.
  • Simple Integration with Google Analytics.


Magento Open Source Shopping Cart Payments, Shipping & Checkout Options Include:


  • FedEx, UPS and USPS Integration.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Debit Cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Authorize.Net.
  • Google Checkout.
  • and Many More!


Magento Open Source Inventory Management Features Include:


  • Add and/or Update Products From Control Panels.
  • Google Base Integration.
  • Import Products From Existing Data.
  • Back Order Products.
  • Downloadable Product Integration.
  • Product Information & Options.
  • Special Pricing Features.


The above-bulleted features only identify some of the many key features on Magento Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart. The features and/or options listed above are features that you can apply immediately after you install Magento Open Source.


Typically, the additional modules come with a fee and you will need a Magento developer to install, integrate and customize the module further. 


In addition, the modular design on Magento will allow for web developers to implement add ons and plugins easily and rather quickly. These add ons and modules will amplify the capabilities of Magento Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart. There are so many plugins at your disposal, which you can build into your eCommerce website for better user experience and overall website functionality.


Magento Open Source has always lead in open source programs. However, now that’s increased with Paypal, Ebay and other communities, which can be added to the mix easily.


As you can see, Magento Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart is the best alternative for your eCommerce website no matter the size of your business. It is no wonder, that Magento continues to surpass other open source programs no matter how good they may be. Magento offers more features for eCommerce websites – more than any other open source solution.


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