How to Generate More Traffic by Getting Your Website Listed on Directories

Submit your site to directories

Submitting to different directories is a strategy that has evolved and progressed quite a bit since it first became known. For starters, SEO professionals do not refer to this tactic as “Directory Submission,” this is because this term has endured adversity and/or negativity throughout the years.

In addition, the initial purpose of directories has shifted and goals have changed. SEO professionals do not focus on link acquisition any longer… If you consider this – the same has happened with link building strategies, which have also, evolved. It’s much more integrated nowadays – meaning that SEO professionals now go after non link building strategies, while still hoping to gain links.

Below you’ll find some of the benefits of getting listed utilizing non link building strategies that can still results in links:

  • Discoverability

    Ensuring that your website appears when people utilize directories to do searches on different businesses/industries. This usually will increase traffic and bring in leads, which is quite great!

  • Reputation Management

     Ensuring that your business website is mentioned often across the web.

The Many Opportunities of Getting Your Website Listed!

If you are one of those people that thinks that directories are outdated and basically dead – think again! There’s a grand array of new and old directories available to you, which can gain you both – traffic and valuable leads.

Here’s just a few directories you may want to look into:

B2B websites

B2B & SaaS Directories:


and that’s just to name a few…

In addition, here are some Business Directories, which are highly recommended!

The directories listed below come in different forms. For instance, some are more traditional and some are free but also, give you the option to pay for your listing for a premium review.

Business Directories:

Best of the web

Local Directories:
  1. BizJournals
  2. Yellow Pages

The local directories listed just above are very powerful as they have the capabilities of sending local traffic to your website (traffic from individuals seeking local products and/or services). These Local Directories are exceptionally invaluable for local citations of your business. In short, these Local Directories will help different search engines associate you with popular and important locations.

Get Your Business Website Listed the Smart Way:

There are so many invaluable directories available that still drive sales, but you will need to pick them wisely. In the majority of cases – it’s somewhat of an investment. Moreover, it is of absolute importance that you keep away from directories that have been penalized.

Some tools that you can utilize to determine and evaluate any platform and/or directory to make sure that it is worth your investment.

  • Does the Directory Rank in Google? You need to find out which directories and/or platforms rank in Google. Does Google deem a directory worthy enough to rank high in search result pages? The position of searches is perhaps the most reliable indication of a website’s status.

All you need to do is run the website’s domain in Serpstat to be able to see quickly where the website ranks and how these rankings are being dispersed throughout different search engines.

There are also, other tools that you can utilize, which will evaluate if the domain is ever displayed and/or featured on Google, which is also, another indication of a website that’s doing quite well.

  • Does the Directory Have Traffic?

    Since the development of an alternate traffic source is the primary goal – knowing whether a directory has traffic is essential. There aren’t many ways to determine the traffic of a website unless you own it, but these are pretty reliable ones:


    This tool has thousands of plugins, extensions, apps, add ons. Furthermore, it also has a team of web crawlers, which can scan through many, many websites!


    Alexa’s main data source is within their own toolbar, which makes this tool somewhat limited… However, it has been around for quite sometime and this makes Alexa the most trustworthy and reliable.

 Check & See If Your SubCategory Is Linked From Any Other Source – You need to pay close attention to backlinks. Links are not only an indication of having SEO authority, but it’s also, a sign of having quality content and links! If you have this then you have an awesome website.
You can utilize Aherefs Bulk BackLink, which has a feature which will rapidly run an analysis of many pages and different sections to be able to select the best ones.

In this article we have only brought attention to directories, which have already demonstrated that they are worth your investment based on their traffic and their rankings.


In a nutshell, directories are not dead! In fact, they are a great source to help you gain more authority in your business and/or industry and also, to support your Local SEO efforts. Give some of the directories mentioned above a chance and see how they work out for you.

We anticipate that you’ll be more than satisfied with the results!

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