How Important is Google’s RankBrain Algorithm?

To begin with, let’s catch up with what exactly is the RankBrain algorithm. RankBrain is a relatively new artificial intelligence tool and/or program from Google. It is utilized to help develop Google search queries.

RankBrain utilizes artificial intelligence to drive in an enormous and detailed amount of written language into vectors, which is a language a computer can comprehend.

If RankBrain happens to stumble upon a word that it doesn’t recognize –  RankBrain can make an assumption as to which group of words or word phrases may have similar definitions. It will filter the result and make it more efficient at managing search queries that have never been seen.

Importance of Google RankBrainFor example, for a search phrase, that reads: “how many inches in 5 feet?”, RankBrain will show an array of search results based upon things like what region the search was made from.

All in all, RankBrain has the ability to recognize and learn new patterns that can then alter (SERPS) search engine results page based on its new learned information.

So… How Important is RankBrain for your Business and Website?

Google RankBrain is one of the many alerts that go into an algorithm, which determines which results will appear on a Google search page and where it will be ranked.

Per Google, RankBrain is the 3rd most crucial element when determining the results that rise from your search queries. As of now, it has been reported that Google’s RankBrain is responsible for 15 percent of all searches done on the internet. Moreover, it has also, been reported that from the hundreds of important signals – RankBrain is one of the main signals utilized when determining search rankings.

Yes, Google’s RankBrain is of quite importance…

Will Google’s RankBrain Influence Your SEO?

Business searchWhen developing an SEO campaign, the 1st step has typically been about identifying keywords and keyword phrases for your website. When identifying and defining your keywords and keyword phrases, you should keep an eye out for other relevant keyword options that potential customers might be searching. Such has been the foundation to a prosperous and successful SEO campaign.

However, SEO’s key foundation is the element which Google’s RankBrain will affect the most. Before, Google’s RankBrain came into existence – the software engineers at Google would develop mathematical algorithms, which were the ones that decided search rankings. That mathematical algorithm was constant and always the same, until just recently…

With Google’s RankBrain that mathematical algorithm is now constantly changing and learning. As a result of this constant change, SEO campaigns should be much more active and flexible in search engine ranking landscapes. Making SEO campaigns adaptable to change is now of paramount importance.

What is the Latest with Google’s RankBrain?

To learn more about Google’s RankBrain – you will need to look further into the word: “Vectors”, which refers to the way that words and phrases are mathematically connected. This post should also, put you on the right path in learning more about RankBrain.

Google has mentioned that there was a continuous roll out in Google’s RankBrain in 2015, but now that it has been live for quite sometime if you haven’t seen a decline in your search engine ranking, then most likely you don’t have anything to worry about.

So long as you stay current with all of Google’s changes in search algorithms and remaining with SEO best practices you and your business website should be alright. Stick to SEO’s best practices and your website shall continue on its successful and fruitful journey.

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