5 Tips to Successful Email Marketing


There are so many programs now a days for Email Marketing that it makes it difficult and even a bit confusing when choosing an Email marketing Tool. There’s Emma, Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact and many more, which are great for small and large businesses to be able to automate amazing looking emails.

Having so many Email Marketing tools to pick from often makes many people assume that Email Marketing is the simplest thing ever – as if these emails write themselves… However, the truth of the matter is that Email Marketing is a rather tedious and delicate marketing strategy.

Naturally, you don’t want to come across as a malicious spammer, but on the other hand – you will need to send out a significant amount of emails to be able to reach potential customers and to stay in touch with the ones that you have already obtained.


Listed below you will find 5 Tips to Successful Email Marketing! These should set you well on your way to a prosperous and fruitful Email Marketing campaign.


Pick an Email Automation Tool Which is Suitable for Your Entire Marketing Team.


Many of the more robust Email Marketing tools available really require that you staff someone that will be dedicated to this task alone. If you don’t have the budget to hire an Email Marketing expert, who can handle the more complicated Email Marketing tools, then choose a simpler Email Marketing software that won’t require as much overhead and that most people can operate once they have become familiarized.


Utilize a 3rd Party Tool That’s Not Outlook.


For Email marketing you really need to have an “unsubscribe button,” so that you give people the option to opt out if they wish to. You don’t want to seem pushy and/or unprofessional. Unfortunately, for those who use Outlook – Outlook does not offer this feature, which is essential for Email Marketing.


Protect Personal Information!


Create extremely strong passwords with the Email Marketing tool service that you have chosen. Don’t ever, ever sell any information. Even when your Privacy Policy states that you are able to – it is probably not a very good idea. So, protect your information and the information you have from your recipients.


Relax… Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.


Bland and boring emails will get old quickly! When this happens, people will most likely unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam, unless they are one of your competitors… With that said, keep your emails light and fun. Be yourself. Be conversational and relatable. At times you can even poke some fun at yourself. These things will make your business appear a lot more human, more friendly and approachable. Last, but not least – it will make your job a lot more fun.


Choose a Tool with Plugins to Automate Contacts with Your (CRM) Customer Relationship Management.


Syncing or loading your contacts from your (CRM) Customer Relationship Management tool can be a bit laborious and intense. Moreover, it can result in technical glitches, which can possibly add people who have unsubscribed or it can send duplicate emails to recipients. For this reason, it is recommended that you utilize a tool that provides plugins and/or integration with tools and softwares that you already utilize in your business.

When you implement the tips and/or guidelines listed above for your Email Marketing campaign, you will most certainly be on your way to a successful Email Marketing campaign, which will catch many people’s attention. Remember, protect your info and keep it fun for best results and less issues.

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