5 Time Saving Tools & Chrome Extensions for SEO


The Google Chrome Web Store offers users an array of time saving tools and extensions that are simply excellent for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization!

We are going to share with you just a few of some these “must have” Google Chrome tools and extensions, which will help you on all your SEO efforts and campaigns.

Below you’re going to find 5 Time Saving Tools & Chrome Extensions for SEO that we believe are simply the best!



  • Buzzsumo

    Buzzsumo is a well known content marketing tool, that will allow you to look for popular or trending shared content on any topic and/or industry. This Chrome extension will provide you with understanding and insight on how a specific piece of content is performing on the web and you’ll never have to leave your web browser.


When you utilize Buzzsumo you’ll be able to view backlinks and the engagement metrics that your content has generated online. To be able to see these numbers, all you have to do is click on the extension icon on Buzzsumo and you’ll also, be able to view the metrics on the number of backlinks and social shares that your post has received.

Moreover, you can utilize this Chrome tool and extension to observe how competitors’ content is doing, which will allow you more opportunities to develop content that is more shareable.  


  • MozBar

    Mozbar is a really cool and invaluable Chrome Extension by Moz, which will allow you to obtain immediate (SEO) Search Engine Optimization insights about (SERPS) Search Engine Result Pages and also, insight on different websites without the need of having to leave your preferred web browser!


With MozBar you’ll be able to view not just a number of backlink metrics, but you’ll also, be able to view the authority of a website’s domain and its page authority via this extension. To obtain essential and invaluable stats and data – MozBar is most definitely a Chrome extension you should have for all your SEO endeavours.  


  • SEO Quake

     SEO Quake is another Chrome extension that simply rocks, as it allows you to view important and imperative metrics, such as Bing Index, Google Index, Alexa Rank and many more!


The results will show you an assortment of information in regards to to the pages in SERPs, which include information on the flowing:

  • Alexa Rank.
  • The Number of Pages Indexed.
  • Domain Age.
  • Backlinks.
  • Traffic Information.
  • and more!



SEO Quake is definitely another Chrome Exte

nsion and Tool that is highly recommended to obtain for SEO.


  • LinkMiner

     LinkMiner is another must have Chrome Extension! Broken link building is probably one of the most practical and effective ways to develop backlinks for your business website. This is a time consuming task – this is especially true when you don’t have the support from adequate and reliable tools and without them this can certainly become a counter productive undertaking. For this reason, we urge you to try out LinkMiner, which will help you throughout this tedious task tremendously!


Chrome’s LinkMiner will allow you to view social data and backlink information for any and all links on a web page and it will export these links from a web page onto a CSV file.

Furthermore, you can also, utilize Chrome’s LinkMiner to find out exactly just how many external links in total are on the page that you are looking through.


  • Google Analytics URL Builder

    This Chrome extension is perhaps the most powerful tool that you can obtain to track all the traffic on your website! The URL Builder Chrome Extension is an invaluable add on, which allows you to rapidly tag the URLs that you wish to track on your Google Analytic campaigns.

To be able to utilize this Chrome tool and extension – you will need to click on the URL Builder Icon that resembles a shopping cart. This Chrome extension will automatically capture the URL of the current page you are on… Once this task is completed, you’ll then have to complete a brief form in which you will have to put information such as – campaign, source, medium and information of that nature, but it shouldn’t take too much time.

When you’re all done filling out this form – Chrome’s Analytic URL Builder will auto generate the final URL! Once you have your completed URL, you’ll be able to share this brand new, tagged link throughout your Social Media platforms and you can track them by utilizing Google Analytics.

As you can see… These Chrome Extensions and Tools are truly invaluable and really do save you a ton of time when you’re in the mist of an SEO campaign. Try these out and you’ll see how much more seamlessly all your SEO efforts will be and you’ll also, be more than happy with the satisfying results.

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