5 Important Tips to Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking

 PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.

The quality of links and the number of links impacts the rank of your website. If you want to see your website’s Google search ranking rise, there are an array of friendly, SEO practices that will help you meet your business website goals to increase Google ranks. Once you notice an increase in Google ranks, you’ll also, notice an increase in traffic and conversions in your website.

Below you will find 5 tips that we have compiled and know that they’ll surely help increase your website’s Google ranks. Follow these 5 tips to improve your website’s Google ranking and take your website to the next level.

Create Content that is Relevant        

create relevant content


The number one practice in increasing your website’s search engine rankings is quality content! Content which is developed specifically with the intention of increasing user traffic to your website will improve the authority and relevance of your website.

Choose a keyword or keyword phrase for each page on a website. Take into account what the readers might be looking for when creating content and choosing keywords for a particular web page. For example, a keyword phrase, such as: “SEO Services in New York” implies that the page is about SEO services provided by a digital agency in New York. Take this phrase and use it several times throughout your web page.

Add heading tags, italics, bold or utilize other ways that demonstrate an emphasis on a keyword or keyword phrases relevant and/or important to the web page.

However, do not ever sacrifice the integrity of your writing and/or quality of writing for SEO purposes. The best websites are written exclusively for the users and visitors and not for search engines.

Content Should Be Updated Regularly

We take content very seriously and search engines do as well. With that said, if you aren’t taking the content on your website seriously. It is time that you do, as content is the most essential element for SEO campaigns.

In addition, content is also, essential to increase Google rankings. For this reasons, it is important that you revise and update the content on your website on a regular basis. Regular content updates will be acknowledged as one of the most important indicators on a website’s relevancy.

Make sure to keep your website current in content.

Link Worthy Websites



Make it a point to focus on developing relevant backlinks within the text. Rather than utilizing “Click Here” links – instead write out the name of the destination. “Click Here” links are not valuable beyond the url it is attached to. Back links should be rich in content, keyword and/or keyword phrases. This will improve your Google ranking, as well as the ranking of the web page you are linking to.

Utilize Alt Tags

It is strongly advised that you always refer to your video media and images by utilizing alternative text descriptions or alt tags. Alt tags will allow different search engines to establish the location of your web page, which is of utter importance. This is especially true, for users who only use text only browsers.

Below you will find just a few of the hundreds of methods for the improvement of your Google search engine ranking. To obtain more information, we advise you to utilize the sources listed below:


Utilize Metadata for Google Search Rankings

When you’re putting your website together and deciding on the design, make sure that each web page has a space between the <head> tags, so that you are able to include information or metadata about the content on your web page.

If you have a CMS website the following sections should be completed and optimized:


  • Title Metadata:

Metadata titles are responsible for the different titles on web pages, which appear at the top of the window on browsers. The Title Metadata is actually the most important metadata on your website. For businesses and/or people with a CMS websites there are automated systems, which create meta titles for each web page on your website.


  • Description Metadata:

Description Metadata are also, very important for your website Google’s search rankings as the text description will be used by browsers as your web page search return. It is like your website’s display window… A clear, appealing and engaging description should be included with the goal to draw users to visit your website.

metadata is important for SEOStart implementing these effective tips to improve the Google Search Ranking on your website. Once you put these strategies to good use on your website and watch your Google rank shoot off the charts!


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