5 Benefits of using Google Analytics

Analytics is the collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage i.e basically observing and analyzing a visitors behavior to a website. Analytics permit us to use statistical algorithms and leverage the computing power to explore, analyse and understand the data and gather insights for employing betterment in futuristic approaches. Analytics can be applied to business data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance and also for predictive analytics, enterprise decision management, retail analytics, stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion management, predictive credit risk analysis measures.

Google Analytics helps us track many important stats and information about our website i.e knowing number of people using our site, their geographic location, details of popular pages and can be extremely beneficial to our business, it helps us to see how effective and successful our online presence by displaying a breakdown of all of this traffic information.

Benefits of Google Analytics:

1. Completely free of cost:

Despite the fact that it is a free tool, however regardless it offer the same amount of or much more functionalities when compared with other paying tools.




2. Analyze sources of traffic:           

Google Analytics can show us how users are being driven to our  website, for example number of people who visit our website  through a referral link from some other website,or via organic searches or from paid advertisements or from search engines .This will allow us to see proportionally the successful various methods of traffic sources are, such as if our advertisements are performing well by increasing traffic.

3. Specific page popularity :  

Google Analytics can provide data about which of our pages are the most popular, or visited frequently, allowing us to see which pages of our website are considered relevant by the visitors and we can accordingly improve the content. Using the information provided by analytics we can improve the website pages to generate more revenue and customize our future content to make it most sought out information by our visitors.


4. Website bounce rates :

Bounce rate is noted when users view only one page of our website before leaving the site .If our  bounce rate is high it is most likely that we are not providing relevant information to our users or perhaps the visitors accidentally stumbled on our website . We also need to check if any of the keywords are slightly misleading, or the quality of our traffic sources can be understood.The bounce rate is dependent on the relevance and quality of content on our website, showing visitor satisfaction across our website. This can also help us to see which pages are encouraging users to stay on our website for a longer period and visit more pages . Also this helps us to improve the landing pages which have a high bounce rate.

5. Traffic flow:

Google Analytics can display the traffic flow making an entry into our website . We can understand the statistics of our visitors entering the website . We can even understand the traffic coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and accordingly flow can be managed effectively. There is a lot of useful information to be drawn from this. We can see the visitors response to our landing pages are as well as analyse the bounce rates for each page, allowing us to focus on improving those pages to increase visitor retention and generate more leads. We can also understand what pages are prioritized by the visitors while navigating to our site, this can allow us to modify our pages to allow better improved navigation while modifying pages that are rarely being visited.

Review historical data:

Google Analytics can display how traffic has changed across large periods of time. This can be very useful to see if there are any tends across certain time frames. For example, which of your marketing campaigns have been most successful helping you to shape your future advertising, or if certain pages, services or products are gathering a larger amount of interest at specific points of the month or year.

These are only some of the things that Google Analytics allows you to do. There are many other tools that it provides such as email reports, sub-domain management, outbound links, mobile statistics, social reporting and revenue tracking, making it one of the most powerful marketing and statistics tools available for increasing the effectiveness of your online presence – especially as its free.

At Mystic web designs, our web design team includes full Google Analytics support for all of the websites that we design and manage included for free as part of our website solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information.