4 Tips on How to Use HashTags Properly on Your Branding/HashTag Campaigns



You probably use hashtags all the time. This is especially true if you’re on Twitter or on Instagram. However, you may have noticed that the presence of hashtags is being used more on other platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

When you properly and strategically utilize hashtags on your Social Media posts it can really help boost traffic to your targeted audience on your digital marketing campaign.

Have you been using hashtags properly on your Brand and HashTag Campaigns?


When you utilize hashtags strategically – hashtags can provide you with many invaluable benefits! Hashtags can be utilized to move your content to a much larger audience, boost awareness of your brand, target precise groups of individuals, enhance all your SEO efforts and you can use hashtags on hot topics and/or trends to your advantage. These are just some of the many things that you can accomplish with hashtags!


Below you will find 4 Awesome Tips on How to Use HashTags Properly on Your Branding and HashTag Campaigns:


  • Enhance Organic Reach on Your Posts 

    Since the implementation of Instagram’s new algorithm – it’s made it much more difficult for users to be able to boost the organic reach on their posts. Add this to the increment of Instagram users everyday and you’ll never get past all the noise.


Asides from Influencer Marketing – the best tool you have at your disposal are hashtags. In a nutshell, hashtags will help Instagram to put your content into a category and get it displayed in front of your targeted audience.


Remember that overusing hashtags on Instagram can result in a shadow ban, which is a practice that Instagram has not yet confirmed… But, if you are shadow ban due to the overuse of hashtags – your posts will not appear on searches, even when you are using the right hashtags.


Here are a few tips on how you can avoid this from happening and be able to boost your posts organically:


  • Utilize specific hashtags

    For example, using “#SocialMediaMarketing” is a lot better than just “Marketing.”


  • Utilize relevant hashtags

    Your hashtags should connect you with your targeted audience and not just a few people who are willing to follow you to exchange likes.


  • Analyze and observe what everyone is doing

    Take the time to notice which hashtags your competition is using. Also, check out the hashtags that your followers use. You can use/borrow hashtags that appear to be the most effective.


  • Develop Branded HashTags

    Creating branded hashtags is perhaps, the most important thing that you can do for your Branding and HashTag Campaign. Branded hashtags should contain the name of your brand. However, they can also, contain your company’s motto and/or slogan. Moreover, you should hashtag specific products and/or services that you provide.


There are two primary advantages of using hashtags on Social Media. For starters, the potential and facility of monitoring the performance of your branding campaign by just focusing on your branded hashtags.


Secondly, you’ll have a ton of opportunities to generate user friendly content. Each time a user utilizes one of your branded hashtags in their posts – they’ll be boosting your presence on Social Media platforms!



  • Partake in Conversations on Social Media Platforms

Partaking in a conversation on Social Media is very much like joining a trend. You can easily join Social Media conversations when you use the right hashtags. For example, you can utilize hashtags that feature your local Baseball Team.


Be a voice of support to good causes or you can just hop on the bandwagon on formal and non formal National Holidays. You’ll stay in the loop. You and your company will remain relevant throughout the duration of different holidays and events.


Just keep in mind – when it comes to hot and trending topics, your company and/or industry must connect to any Social Media conversation in a relevant fashion.


  • Promotion of Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests will most certainly boost your user engagement like nothing else will… People love to participate in competitions, but even more than that – people love free stuff and/or discounts! However, when doing giveaways, it is best and recommended that you do several small giveaways rather than one colossal giveaway, as this will help create momentum on different Social Media platforms.


Furthermore, contests can result in loads of user generated content utilizing your branded hashtags, which translates to better awareness of your company and/or brand.


For example, Lay’s developed a new flavor of chips by asking their customers… Their hashtag – “#DoUsAFlavor” spread like an epidemic and ended turning into a contest. People loved engaging in this contest, which came to be because of all the user generated content that utilized their hashtag on their posts.


You can do the same or something similar. Create catchy hashtags to promote any special deals or offers, contests or giveaways! You’ll see how you”ll drive more new customers, while spreading awareness about your brand and your company.


When it comes to Social Media Marketing – Hashtags are goals! As mentioned earlier, when hashtags are properly utilized you’ll gain a wider audience. Once you begin to engage more with your followers via the tips listed above, you’ll be trending before you even realize… Your brand will be on top of all trending and hot topics.


Certainly, you can see how Hashtag Marketing can tremendously boost your company and brand in several, varying ways.

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