4 Essential Tips to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices

Anytime you send out an email – you should expect that a major portion of your email subscribers will be opening your email and reading your message either on their smartphones, tablets or even on their laptops and/or desktops.

However, with that said – it appears as though there are more people reading their emails on their mobile devices with each passing week. Per a study conducted by Movable Ink – 66% of people are utilizing their mobile devices to check their inboxes.

Although, specific numbers vary – if you’re an experienced and savvy digital content marketer, you know that disregarding mobile friendly emails is a terrible mistake.

As a marketing specialist, you’re job is not only to have your emails opened and read, but also, to deliver a memorable, customer experience via emails that are read on mobile devices. Your email messages need to be strong, entertaining and attention grabbing.

Do You Know How You Can Make This Happen?!?

For starters, a mobile and responsive website design, which displays all your website content accordingly no matter from where a user may be viewing your website from is essential!

In addition, when you have a mobile and responsive website design you certain that all the emails that you send out, also look great, regardless of having a mobile responsive email template.

Below you will find 4 Essential and Key Tips to Optimize Email for Mobile Devices:

1.Create Short Yet Catchy Subject Lines

The space amount that mobile devices offer to display subject lines can even make the most compendious writer cry out in hysteria.

Although, some email clients tend to display your entire subject line text – a lot of them do not. Since your subject line in an email is affiliated to your headline – you don’t want any of these to be cut off, as you may miss out on opportunities to connect with your readers and/or email subscribers.

The solution to this issue is simple yet sometimes a challenge. Keep your subject line to 40 characters of less. This is an excellent rule of thumb. Think of catchy words and key phrases, which will grab your reader’s attention.

Another strategy you might want to try is writing the key parts of your subject line in the first 40 characters, as this will optimize the chances of your readers and subscribers reading it.

2.Maintain Your Emails Under 600 Pixels Wide

Although, the majority of modern, mobile devices have the capabilities to handle responsive designs – there are some exceptions…

If the width of your emails is 600 pixels or less – your email subscribers will not experience any issues viewing your emails that were formatted and intended for larger screens like those of a desktop or laptop.

Adjust the width attributes in your email template to 600 pixels or you can utilize the CSS width property to also, set your emails at 600 pixels.

3.Utilize Small Images

When you utilize small images on your emails, it will decrease loading time and bandwidth. A lot of mobile users either use 3G or slower connections, so the speed in which email images load is of utter importance!

If you’re tech savvy or you know someone that is and that can help you implement responsive coding strategies to load smaller images for mobile devices and bigger images for other devices – then go for it!

However, you can also, simply minimize and/or shrink images by 50 percent and compress them at a bit higher compression rate than your typical rate, which will allow you to load your images much quicker and also, conserve the bandwidths of your email subscribers.

  • Include a Specific Call to Action.

Call to Actions should urge your email recipients to take a step. The next step typically consists of clicking on a butting, which will lead the user further into the path you want them to take…

For this reason, your call to actions need to be big enough for your email subscribers to take notice. Moreover, these call to actions need to be efficient and easily accessible on your user’s mobile device screen.

As you might already know – our fingers are not as precise as mouse pointers and although, mobile device manufacturers have developed devices that flawlessly respond to your intended actions – they’re not perfect…!

If your email subscriber and/or reader has to click on a call to action more than once to get on that path to continue and to be able to interact with your email content – there’s a huge chance that they might just skip out on it altogether.

Use memorable, engaging and compelling call to actions that are at least a 40 pixels square. Although, a bit larger is generally preferred and recommended to better engage readers to your emails.

Above are just some key tips on how you can optimize emails for mobile devices. There are many other things that you can implement to make your Email Marketing campaign even more successful.

However, if you start implementing the tips mentioned above – you’ll already be on the right track and surely, you’ll see that your emails are being opened and read, which is the goal!

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