10 Web Design Mistakes That You Should Know Before Building

Getting your business website up and running can be daunting, especially if you don’t use a San Diego website design company.

It can be daunting because your website’s overall health will determine your business success. A good site will help you get more lead, boost conversion, and grow your business. But there are lots of mistakes business owners make with their website.

Here are 10 website mistakes you need to avoid before you build your first website.
Avoiding these pitfalls will help turn web visitors into serious customers.

1. Not making a responsive website

This is the most common mistake among beginners. A responsive website offers users an excellent viewing experience and supports mobile users. Always choose a website builder that offers highly responsive designs.

2. Lack of theme customization

Although free themes are always available at your fingertips, always customize your theme in a way that matches the style of your brand. Or else your website will eventually look like thousands of failed websites out there.

3. Using Jargon

We understand. You’re a professional in your field. If the copywriting of your website is full of technical words, they won’t stick around and may not likely go past your homepage. Remember, the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish’.

4. Not prioritizing readability


Your copywriting does not only need to be simple and sweet, but its design must also appeal to the eye. And not just a beautiful look, but also easy to read.

5. Falling for popular SEO myths

Many business owners want to create a website that dominates Google search results with just one keyword. The fact is that an effective SEO strategy requires time, money, and smartness. That’s why you need the service of a San Diego website design.

6. Pop up craze

Helpful pop-ups that serve readers are an excellent way to grow your business. Pop-ups inform readers of an upcoming event.
But once you start bumping your website with pop-ups, requesting your mailing list to follow you on social media or sign up for your incoming webinar, then you’re getting it wrong.

7. Slow Server Times

An online customer waits for an average of 4 seconds for a website to load before they click out the site. Your website must load whip-fast if you want to keep your visitors interested.

8. Poor Navigation

Globally, Over 7 billion people search the internet daily and site with easy navigation gets more visitors. If your website is not getting your user what they want instantly, they will check the next site (your competitor)

9. Old information and design

Having a website requires constant effort. Like your slow-cooked smoked pork, you can just set your site and forget. You need to update it with information and new designs regularly. As you grow your business, also improve your website.

10. Doing it all alone

Doing it all alone can be a lofty goal and at the same time, drain your resources. Remember, time is a valuable resource. You can find the service of a San Diego web design.